Is it important for my driving teenager to get auto insurance?


It always better to be safe than be sorry at the end of the day. Statistics point out that the probability of getting into serious road accidents is higher for those who fall under the teenager class. Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of injuries for teenagers. Though anyone does not want this to happen it is important to be ready, it is important for your teen to be insured when these types of dreadful events occur.

No one can predict or say when accidents are going to happen. At any time and at any place on the road, everyone is vulnerable to car accidents. One reason on why having auto insurance for teens, which are more prone to accidents, is because damages and casualties usually cost a lot. Repair and restoration of a totaled car is something most people such as teens or students surely cannot afford. Having a good insurance company by your side will save you the trouble of having to spend a fortune for such casualties one may encounter on the road.

Another important factor on why it is beneficial for a teen to be insured is that in some places, it is the law to drive with insurance. If one gets into an accident and that person is not insured, several things may happen; the driver could lose his or her license, the driver will have to pay a huge amount of fine, or worse, the driver would have to go to jail. This shows that having insurance may entitle the teen with the rights he or she truly deserves when caught in a road accident.

It is known that insurance companies put higher rates for teenagers because of the record that a majority of teenagers in the nation have about driving accidents. Though getting insured means paying a high cost, it is important to realize that it is a higher cost to pay for damages and casualties that teenagers may experience on the road. It is great to drive on the road without worrying about the high expenses one will pay if he or she might get into any accident.

Overall, getting insured is important because it makes the teen feel safe and protected from financial constraints unwanted and unexpected accidents may bring. Though insurance is expensive for teens and college students, it is still a good and practical thing to invest on.