If this is the case, would there be any ways that teens and college students can do to have their premium rates lowered?


Fortunately yes. They can do things like growing up. When teens reached their 25th year they will be able to avail low priced insurance. Driving is all about experience. Yes one can learn driving by the help of a driving instructors or mentor or teacher. Indeed, but guess what? Experience is the best teacher. Majority of driving skills can be learned while hitting the actual roads. There are a lot of twists and turns on the actual road that one couldn’t learn for weeks inside a driving school. Thus for beginners like young drivers, this is what you must obtain-experience. For this is what car insurance companies are valuing. This is why they consider the age of 25 to be the turning point. They can trust you by then because they expect you to be matured and well-experienced already.

If you think growing up and waiting until your 25th birthday is too long a time well do not worry, you can actually still do something to get lower rates. Make your driving records clean. Even if at first you couldn’t really make insurance companies trust you with lower price, take time to prove them that you are worthy of their trust. Through gaining experience, these rates can be readjusted.

Some insurance companies are also offering discounts for people below 25 like passing a defensive driving course (but his class is not free). Bachelor’s degree and a good student discounts are also offered. These are the times when being a good girl and good boy really pays!