I need to find a way to lower insurance costs. What should I do?


As teenagers going to college, it’s another tough job to handle. The pressure is coming in as the need to graduate is high in demand to be able to get a job. As much as possible, parents would want their children to focus on studies. And to reward them, there’s always a car to give for a gift. But college teens, starts to grow independently and that car may add quite a burden to the student when it comes to car insurance.

There are ways to lower the cut of a car cover and lessen the stress. One is to stay on your parents’ insurance. Not only does it lower the cost of insurance to pay for the student, but also it lessens the need to stay long on part time jobs and instead focus on studying. However, the premium paid by the parents will of course be much higher. Still, it remains lower as compared to getting your college student a separate insurance.

Students on top of their class usually get 10-15% discounts on their premium. Insurance companies believe that these A students are much more responsible and will have lesser chances to get into an accident in the future. Usually, companies lower premiums for high graders up to B on their report cards.

Getting a driver’s course is one option to get as much as 25% off your premium. Let’s face it though, somehow, the things that were learned here do not usually mark anything in the student’s head. However, it still helps lower the premium because it gives the insurance company a head on that you are trained for the road.

There is much more you can do to lessen the costs of cover for your car. If you have a hunch that it’s a car which you will be getting for graduation, why not ask for a cheaper car which has lower premium. 4-door cars costs cheaper than 2-door cars because the latter looks more prone to drag racing. Hey, it may not look cool enough but unless you can pay for everything, then maybe you should start here where it is safer and much more secure. Not unless you are a fortune 500 business tycoon or an heiress to the throne of Denmark or something. At least you’ll learn how to save up to get a better car.