How do I minimize the car insurance premiums for teens and college students?


Teenagers and cars sounds like a disaster. However, time will come when your children will ask you for a car. It is an important aspect for young teens to get that sense of freedom. Getting insurance for teenagers and college students is extremely expensive since most insurance companies consider individuals under 25 to be of a higher risk for vehicular accidents. It is a fact that there are numerous deaths and injuries among the youth drivers and this fact meant higher cost of insurance. However, it is possible to minimize the cost of insurance and the dreaded premiums.

Students should and must keep their driving records clean. A single DWI can raise the cost of premiums very high and this could mean thousands of dollars only for insurance for the following years or so.

Increase the deductibles by at least $1000. The deductible is the cost that the insured is willing to pay before the insurance kicks in. if the insurance pays a smaller fee for the repairs, then you got less worries in the next few months. Preparing an emergency fund is also ideal.

Maintain good grades. Some insurance companies offer rewards for students who maintain a GPA of 3.0. Students who safety courses for drivers can also be offered some smaller fees.

Choose a safe car. A safe car will be always best for anybody. A safe car has the necessary security features, functional engine, efficient breaks, and reliable features to essentially make driving smoother. Cars models that are new are not as expensive to insure and they are deemed the safer options for teens. Of course going for extremely expensive sports cars and convertibles also raise the premium. It would be ideal to upgrade the safety features like side impact air bags, automatic seat belt features, traction control as well as anti-lock brakes.

Tell the insurer of the child will be heading out for college. If the student is 100 miles away and does not use a car for the most part, then the insurer can minimize the cost of the insurance for the time being while offering enough coverage when the student returns for vacation.

Inform yourself about the state rules on insurance and driving regulations and apply them on your own driving. Setting an example to young individuals early on and informing them about the rules and costs that they might encounter with unsafe driving can be helpful to ensure that they do not become harm for others and themselves.