What should I do when I have a claim?


Accidents can be a harrowing experience, especially when faced with the daunting thought of costly repair bills, medical bills and the possibility of being out of work. When you feel an accident isn’t your fault, you can make an insurance claim with your provider. An insurance claim is basically the application of benefits that are provided by an insurance company. If you have a policy, you are entitled to submit a claim for the finances to help you get back on track.

In order to make a claim you must be a member of a suitable insurance policy and maintain regular payments (or “premiums”) to the provider’s. These payments are often used to settle another individual’s insurance claim or they are used to build up available assets of the insurance company. However, occasionally an accident will occur that causes severe financial damage and the policy holder has the right to file for a claim to receive the appropriate finance to cover their losses.

The first thing you need to do is to file an insurance claim, as until this is done no money can be disbursed to hospitals, repair shops, contractors, etc. Your insurance provider will then analyse the claim and see if you are eligible for finance and they may or may not approve your claim, depending on their own assessment of the circumstances. Normally this claim is filed with a local representative of your provider and this person becomes more or less solely responsible for investigating the various details of the claim and negotiating the settlement or payment. You will find that on numerous occasions a recognised authority such as a doctor or building contractor is able to file the necessary insurance claim forms directly with the policy provider.

After you submit your claim and it is filed, the provider will often dispatch an investigator known as an adjustor or appraiser, who will objectively evaluate the insurance claim in order to determine whether the repair estimates are reasonable. These are basically measures put in place to ensure that there is not fraud or deceit on your behalf. Usually the policy provider will accept the appraiser’s evaluation as the final word on the insurance claim. If your claim proves successful, the insurance company will then endeavour to make all necessary payments as soon as they are able, easing the financial pressure and distress endured by you.