How can you maximize your chances of obtaining auto insurance claims?


Settling optimum insurance claims for your auto accident is a strenuous task, since insurance companies are known to offer the lowest possible settlement figures to the insurers. If you are caught in the net of ignorance you sure are bound to pay extra from your own pocket. Is that fair, when you are paying your insurance premiums regularly? We bring forth three unique ways in which you can maximize the opportunity to make a tall claim and settle for it.

The foremost step in this process is click pictures of the damaged vehicle and the riders. Supporting your auto insurance claim with bountiful pictures from your crash site will clearly indicate the degree of your damages. With strong graphical evidence, your insurance company cannot deny the extent of your damages. The pictures will include:

  • Vehicle damages both from the inside and outside
  • Other driver’s vehicle model and license plate
  • Road side damages like skid marks
  • Click pictures of street signs and bad weather conditions
  • Locations of the vehicles before being moved
  • Accidental bruises or injuries

You can work with the pictures to indicate the situation or person responsible for the crash, and reinforces your story through graphical representation, as well. Use your cell phone to click pictures of the accident site. Remember the more useful information you can extract from your car wreck, the higher your chances of receiving a higher settlement amount.

The car accident report is the most reliable source of facts about your auto accident. Therefore, the next crucial step is to read through the report, meticulously. Check to see if the important details like name and contact information of any witnesses are available, information regarding other driver and passengers, list of citations of any traffic violations, and an illustration of how the accident occurred.

Finding a witness to your car crash is a significant help towards making your claim. The witness authenticates your story and provides you more credibility. If witnesses are involved in your case, you must obtain the following crucial information:

  • Name(s) of the witness
  • Witness contact details including home address and phone number
  • A written statement describing how the car accident occurred

Insurance companies are known to contact the witnesses and impair their honest views. Thus, it is imperative that you should discuss the matter with your witnesses and obtain a signed written document, before your insurer lays their hands on them.