How to claim and pay for insurance?


First of all you need to understand what all the hassles about auto insurance are and why you need it.  The auto insurance is a cover for your vehicle. It is just like a medical insurance. When your car gets damaged in an accident it needs repairs. And those repairs can be costly. Depending on the damage and the car itself the repair costs may run into thousands of dollars. It will be hard to find so much money at once and you will be forced to choose between the options you have about the repair of the car. The auto insurance helps you with the money aspect. All you have to do is buy the auto insurance for your car. Then you have to pay the auto insurance companies a fix amount of money every monthly or yearly depending on your policy. Then if your car gets damage you can file a claim and get the money for the car repairs from the insurance company. You can easily be tension free and you can drive relived. A car’s repairs are expensive but by paying some small amount you can easily arrange money for them with any problems.

But sometimes the claim may run into problems. Most of the companies pay the claims easily but some make you follow the hard procedures. They require you to fill many sorts of forms and only then your claim will be accepted. They will send an agent to verify your claim. The agent reports back to the insurance company about the nature of the damage and may also inspect the repair bills. You will be required to list a detailed description of how the accident happened. If they suspect any foul play like drinking and driving they could reject your claim.

There are many kinds of auto insurance policies too. There is auto collision insurance which covers the damages suffered by the car in a collision only. There is also auto liability insurance which is required by the law and it pays for the damage done to the other’s car. That is for the damages suffered by them and ensures your liability. Most of the people don’t know that they have to take out separate policies to get their vehicles protected from theft, vandalism and even extreme weather conditions. Also the damage to the tires is rarely included in the car insurance.