What is the amount a person would get for pain and suffering in a car accident?


The amount that a person receives for pain and suffering would depend on the type of treatment and its duration. Normally, the settlement for personal injury is a lump sum amount. This is intended to compensate the injured person for all the medical expenses, wage losses, and other damages, including property damage. However, the actual extent of pain and suffering could be difficult to prove. If the injured person is unable to sleep properly due to chronic back pain or neck pain, the insurer might think that the situation is being exaggerated. The certificate of the physician, the receipt of the new bed bought to ease the pain, or the prescriptions for sleeping pills or pain medication, etc. could be presented to support the claim for pain and suffering. In general, the insurer would pay only the repairs of the car and the medical bills. If further claims had to be made, it would be better to engage a good attorney, approach a court, and request a trial. Most of the states allow present medical expenses, future medical bills, damages to property, lost wages, pain and suffering, loss in earning capacity, and even mental anguish. As such, a lot of care should be taken while making a car accident claim.