What are the basics of filing a successful auto insurance claim?


Claiming auto insurance is never an easy process which gets over in a day. Usually it is a lot of paper work, documents and proofs to prove that the claim is legitimate and the amount is genuine. Getting the document right the very first time is challenging, and takes a lot of time and patience. Doing the right thing after the collision or accident of any kind saves a lot of trouble while filing the claim.

Here are some tips on how to prepare to file a claim and reduce the burden of the process:

  • Calling up the insurance company after an accident to inform them is a mandatory step that has to be taken to make the insurance claim less complicated. First thing is to ensure personal safety and the safety of the other party involved.
  • If there is a roadside assistance coverage in the insurance policy, calling up the insurance company and letting them know about the accident spot will ensure that the help in sent immediately.
  • Calling up cops after the incidence and getting a comprehensive report on the incidence is very important. The detailed description of the incidence and the analysis report of the police should later be produced at the time of filing the claim. This will help the insurance company to determine which driver was at fault, and it may or may not affect the claim money.
  • If possible, taking the photos of the damage caused to the automobile after the incidence is advisable, if the camera is handy. Taking pictures not only supports claims for damages, but also helps in resolving issues related to claim disputes.
  • While filing the actual claim, a proof of claim form must be filled as clearly and correctly as possible. The facts filled up in this sheet are actually used by the insurance companies to detect any discrepancies, and if they do, the insurance claim will be rejected.
  • Getting an estimate of the costs involved in repairing the car from a known dealer will help in determining if the insurance company is providing sufficient amount required. It may take more than a week for the insurance company to estimate the costs of the repairing the damage, and getting back with the proposed amount.
  • Many insurance companies pay for rental cars during the time in which the damaged car is being repaired. Claiming for the rental car while the estimation process is ongoing may not be possible.