What are some basic precautions you should take while filing auto insurance claims?


Filing an auto insurance claim is not always the easiest of tasks, especially in the aftermath of a serious car accident, which leaves you without a vehicle to drive around. There are certain steps you need to take, to make the whole issue less painful. The first step should start long before any accident. You need to know your insurance policy inside out, without waiting for an accident to give some real surprises or revelations. Knowing your insurance policy involves not only understanding the kind of coverage you would receive but also the fine print on the policy, which dictates certain terms and conditions.

This will give you a good idea of the extent to which you are insured. After an accident, you need to keep as many details about the accident handy as possible. The time, date, place and the other party’s credentials, especially when you think the accident wasn’t your fault, are all pieces of data which you will need for filing your claim. Missing vital information could stand against you at a later stage. In a lot of scenarios, two responsible parties of an accident even consider out of court settlement, which might favour your chances of getting a good deal. So having your data intact is crucial.

You also need to know any state regulations or rights offered to a car insurer. This could vary from state to state but finding out more about your rights will help you make an informed claim and protect you from the tricks of auto insurance companies. Most insurance companies are not really forthcoming when it comes to paying for the claims, which is why you need to hold your ground and know all your facts. Even as you are pursuing your claims, life needs to move on as that will help clear some of the clutter. This is the reason why some car insurers also go for the rental car coverage, which allows them to have another car for a few days, until their own car is back in shape. Without this clause, you might a hard time asking for lifts from friends and colleagues or using public transportation that you are not used to. Knowing the value of the car before the accident is also important. There are many dealer surveys and pricing agencies which can help you with that data to make a claim.