What Are Auto Insurance Claims That Are Common?


These days, cars are already a common sight. Most families have cars at home and even teenagers now usually drive their own set of wheels. And with this, the rates of road accidents have also increased in time. It is with this reason why most states in America and even around the world, require car owners to have their cars insured so they can get some insurance claims in case these unfortunate car related accidents happen.

Accidents happen to everybody and usually even at the wrong time. One minute, a person is just driving and the next minute he finds himself in a tight fix; explaining himself why he hit the car in front of him or the person crossing the road. Nobody wants these kinds of accidents to happen but people cannot help it. What people can do is to prepare for the worse. Luckily, there are these different insurance claims offered by car insurance companies for their clients to help them during their times of need.

What if only a few parts of my car is damaged, can I still file for a claim?

When a person has applied for his auto insurance, there are different kinds of insurance claims that he can get once he gets in a car accident. Here are some of the most common types that one person can get:

For the rear end bender – this is the kind of insurance that is offered in case a person hits the rear end bender of the car that is in front of him.

The whiplash – this is definitely the most common of all. This covers injuries acquired from accidents with the rear bender part of the car.

The windshield – the windshield is a very important part of the car as it protects the driver from the wind and makes him able to see the road properly. The windshield may get broken by rocks or anything accidentally thrown so this is an important insurance claim to have.

Last and the scariest is theft – There are lots of people who do this for a living. The financial crisis around the world has made this situation worse. Some simply cannot do an honest living and they live off on robbing off people’s properties.

The above insurance claims are just a few of those that are commonly applied for. There are more available so before a person applies for his car insurance policy, he might as well consider all the possible things he needs to be covered in his policy.