In cases of hit and run, how can you claim?


One of the most crucial elements of filing a claim when you are involved in hit and run accidents is the coverage of your insurance policy. There may be different kinds of coverage that is offered by car insurance companies to consumers, but the thing is, only full coverage and uninsured coverage covers this kind of accident. Most insurance coverage only covers damages incurred to others and their property, or to oneself and own property, especially when you are only availing the minimum state insurance requirement. In this situation, when you are not under full coverage, it is very likely that hit and run accidents are not covered, and you are going to have a problem. In addition to this, hit and run cases are special cases of accidents, because unlike the other kinds of auto accidents, the one responsible would run away from you, and leaves you the burden of proving that you got involved in a hit and run situation.

In case of an involvement in a hit and run, when you are not availing of full coverage, there is still some way to file a claim to insurance companies. It’s if you have uninsured motorist coverage. With this coverage, your insurance company can stand on your behalf, doing action. Your insurance company can use the insurance policy of the driver at fault. In doing this, it is important that you contact your car insurance company even though do not have full coverage; your insurance company can still claim from the insurance company of the driver that ran away from you, as long as that driver is insured. In case that the driver of the car that caused you trouble is not insured, well, is another thing. Your last resort is to go to state authorities and file a complaint. However, in all of these circumstances, you have to prove that a hit and run situation occurred, and that you are the victim. In doing this, it is very helpful to consider taking the following steps.

First, be alert, don’t panic, and remember to get the plate number of the driver who hit you. It is very depressing for you to be at panic right away, that you would not be able even to trace the driver that caused you so much discomfort. Remember that the plate number of that troublesome driver is one of the most valuable information for authorities to trace that person. Second, find witnesses and get their names and contact number. Getting enough credible witnesses would also make your claim credible, and would be very helpful in proving your case, either with the authorities or with your insurance company. Third, file a police report immediately, and then contact your insurance company. Don’t waste your time when the security of your car is involved; you don’t want to regret in the end. Finally, do not forget to get evidences of damage; it will make your claim more legitimate.