If you get into an accident driving a different car, can you claim using your insurance?


Yes, car insurance policies will cover the damages that their holders have incurred, whether using their own vehicle or not. Their policies will pay for repair and other damages which have been caused by the insurance holder. However, it is not the first option, because the car which has been involved with the accident will cover the damages, as long as the car is insured.

Usually, the coverage will depend on the car’s policy terms and languages. Meaning, the car is covered, not the person, so it will not matter who is driving the vehicle. However, the driver should not be excluded from the car’s policy, and the driver did not steal the car. Permission to drive the car should always be given by the owner, in order for the car’s policy to come through.

In the case that the car driven is not insured in any way, then the driver’s own insurance can cover the damages. Of course, there are some policies that have specific coverage. Some state that any driver who uses an insured car will be covered in the policy, at the same time, the owner of the car will be covered if he or she drives another car. Again, it all boils down to the type of policy a car owner has.

One way or another, a car wreckage or damage will most likely be covered because most states have laws which require every car to have their own policies. So there will always be a fall back if one policy does not cover the damages.

Drivers must take into consideration as well, the jurisdiction of the state they are currently in. However, the law is usually on the driver’s side because there are not a lot of states who do not require auto policies as most states do.

Another scenario that can happen as well is when the monetary coverage of the car’s policy is not enough. That is when the driver’s own policy will kick in and assume the remaining balance.

So in the end, as long as a driver has his or her own policy, there will be no problem when damage has been done. In fact, there can be two policies to choose from. Driver’s will be able to see the importance of having their own insurance policies in the long run, because most of the time, driving is a matter of life and death.