How do I make an insurance claim?


Accidents are incredibly distressing experiences, especially when you consider the stressful thought of costly repair bills, medical bills and any possibility of being out of work. If you believe the accident was not your fault you can make an insurance claim with the company offering you a policy. But firstly, what is an insurance claim? Well an insurance claim is, basically, the application of benefits that are provided by an insurance company. Who is eligible for an insurance claim? Well, whoever has taken out a policy with a reputable insurance company.

If you are a customer of an insurance company and have taken out an insurance policy and maintain regular premiums on your account, then you are able to make a claim should you be involved in an accident. You see, the payments you make are either used to settle another person’s claim, to build up available assets of the insurance company or to provide you with suitable finances to cover the losses and damage should you be involved in an accident.

The initial thing to do when considering filing an insurance claim is to get the relevant forms and ensure you fill these out correctly as no money can be dispersed to hospitals, contractors, etc. until this is done. After this, the insurance provider will analyse your claim and decide whether you are eligible for financial assistance and then they may or may not approve your claim, depending on how their own assessment of circumstances goes. Usually the claim is filed with a local representative of the company and this person or team will be responsible for investigating the details of your claim and negotiating the settlement for your payment.

After your insurance claim has been submitted and filed, the insurance provider will usually send out an investigator known as an appraiser or adjustor in order to objectively evaluate the insurance claim with a view to determine whether the repair estimates are reasonable and accurate. This is more or less done in order to ensure there are no fraudulent claims being made. After the appraiser has decided nothing is untoward with your claim, they will inform the policy provider, who will then take this as the final word on the matter. Once your claim is successfully process, the insurance provider will work hard to ensure all costs are covered in a suitable timeframe so as not to cause you any further distress.