How can I file hassle free auto insurance claims?


One of the common notions among auto insurance policy holders is that filing for claims, in case of any mishaps, is a tedious process. However, it necessarily need not be so. Filing for auto insurance claims can be simplified if you know the various steps involved. It is imperative that you check with your insurance provider about the process for filing claims, before you sign up for the policy. It is always better to find out the documents and information that you will need to submit to the provider so your claim can be processed at the earliest. Let us take a look at the steps you need to take to ensure you file hassle free insurance claims.

First of all, you have to decide if you want to file for an insurance claim. Every time you file for an insurance claim, it finds a place in the insurance record of the company. The higher the number of claims file, higher will be your insurance premium the following year. If the damage caused is minimal and you can afford to spend that money to get it fixed, then it is better not to file a claim. File an auto insurance claim only if there was a major accident and you cannot afford to bear the expenses of getting the car fixed without financial assistance.

The next step is to fill out the insurance claim form and provide the details of the accident. Document all the details of the accident and also look for witnesses who can stand by what happened. Your insurance company will surely need proof to corroborate your claim. Hence, take down the name of the witnesses and their contact number so the insurance company can call them when needed.

The next thing is to file for the claim at the earliest. Delaying the process of filing will work against you. There are chances that you may miss out on a few critical details if you delay the process. File the claim when the incident is fresh in your memory.

Always be prepared to answer the call from the other driver’s insurance provider. If you know you are not at fault, have sufficient evidence that can prove the same. Make a note the name of the representative who calls you and also everything you say.

Once all this is done, you can proceed with getting your car fixed. However, you will have to wait the approval from the provider. You will get a call from your insurance provider who will provide you with a list of pre approved mechanics that will fix your car and send the details to the insurance company.