How and When to File for your Auto Insurance Claims?


After an auto accident of course anybody will be overwhelmed with what has happened and claiming at the auto insurance company is another thing. There are different things that we as car owners and even truck owners should know about claiming. The worst part of being involved in a car accident whether it was your fault or somebody else’s is not just the mental trauma or physical injuries but also dealing with the complicated process of filing from an auto insurance.

First thing about claiming our auto insurance is, we have to be sure if we really must or not file a claim?

There are lots of things to be considered here like for example.

Was the accident our fault or part our fault. Are we capable of paying the insurance by ourselves?

If so, we do not have to file for a claim at our auto insurance company. Whatever mistake we may do it will be recorded by our auto insurance company and that will not be a good thing just in case you will be evaluated in the future.

When do you file the claim?

Another thing is we should file claim immediately this is when your auto insurance company will work as your advocate because as soon as they will now about the accident they will immediately do something about it. Of course we also need to prepare ourselves for the call from the other auto insurance company. This will happen when there is a dispute between you and the other car owner. When this happens it is best to be able to document everything we have to say, no more no less.

What happens after you file the claim?

After things have been settled and being able to claim from the auto insurance company you are now on your way to have your car or truck fixed. It is possible that your auto insurance company will call you and they will tell you that their company adjuster will come and see the damage of your car or perhaps will let you bring the damaged car to a pre approved shop to have it fixed.

Fraudulent auto insurance is on the rise and this is one thing that we need to be cautious about. There are people out there who makes it a point to make events such as collisions look as if it was your fault and so they are able to get a piece of your money. We just really need to be careful now days.