Car and Truck Insurance Claims, What to Know?


No matter what the reason may be filing for an auto or truck claim is scary but our auto insurance company will be there for us to resolve the matter. There are things that our auto insurance has already told us about it. They might have even given us guideline of future solutions to future problems. With my auto insurance company, they have this easy to remember guidelines about claims. They also encourage policy holders that whenever they need to be reminded of those benefits they can simple call the company.

Is it important to get a witness?

There are lots that I still remember when it comes to claiming auto insurance. The first thing is having witnesses during an accident which will make things easier when telling the incident to the police as well as the auto insurance company. Fellow drivers or anybody who may have seen the accident will play an important role. It is important to get the name and contact number of those who have seen the accident. Having mentioned the police, their investigations will also be helpful during the claiming of the auto insurance.

What happens after I report the accident?

After the accident has happened it important to be able to call the insurance about the accident because most auto insurance companies have adjusters. Adjusters are those who will immediately inspect the damage and report immediately to the head office about it. Adjusters will be able to inspect the damage on site, meaning to say, either the accident happened on the highway, near the place of work or at school. It is also important that before having the car or truck towed that we have to call the auto insurance because some auto insurance companies would like a specific location where you could have it towed.

Should I take pictures of the accident?

Having pictures taken either using one’s cell phone or a video recorder will also be helpful during the claiming of auto insurance. Although as I have read and heard, photos are not usually a part of the investigation or the claiming process, it will be better to be just ready with evidences of the incident or accident. It is also very important to exchange each other’s numbers as well as license plates, just in case each auto insurance companies will have something to say about the seriousness of the event.

Most companies have different offices in different states which makes claiming easier specially when the necessary information will be in the hands of your auto insurance company.