Are other people driving my car covered by the policy?


To ensure safety, some car owners refuse to their acquaintances, siblings or kins when they want to drive the car they are not entitled to drive. Those car owners are unsure if they could still get insurance policies or if other people are still covered by the said policy. But at least, it is good that you ensure the safety of others before you let them boast your own car.

The good thing is, insurance companies know the consequences that might happen when you let other people drive your vehicle. Of course, those companies are long-time experts in terms of insurance so they know the roundabouts and circumstances related to that matter. And for that, it would be pleasant to inform the car owners that every insurance policy have been covering some conditions when insured vehicle was driven by other people.

However, you must take good care while driving if you have children on-board. The fact is that, not all insurance policies include children in the policy automatically. Just wait for the time when your children are at their right ages and when they already acquired a driver’s license. Most young drivers have higher risk for mishaps, so it would be better not to let young drivers drive with children on-board. Also, it would be a lot better and convenient if you talk to your insurance policy agent regarding the inclusion of your children in the list of the policy.

There are more provisions that insurance giants could offer to cover your car insurance. Usually, provisions include your husband or wife. Just make sure you fill out correctly the paperwork about the information of your spouse. Because your husband or wife is part of your life, insurers infer that they are certified to drive the car you possess.

In case that your pal wants to drive your car but not enlisted on the policy given to you, though you cannot—learn to say NO. They must need permission. If they have the granted the permission to drive your car based on your decision, try to pick a company that allows other people to drive the car not entitled for him or her.

Now, contact your insurance providers regarding the guidelines when you let others drive your car. The guidelines may include that only those people living with you or those over 21 years old to drive your car. There are times that most insurance policies are not terribly strict with their rules regarding other people driving your insured car.

Also, remember that before others drive your car, always remind them to have safety-only first.