Why does the government require drivers to have car insurance?


The government requires drivers and motorists to have car insurance for the same reason why it enforces law and order: it is for the people’s safety and protection. Many accidents happen on the road, and people need financial protection and reimbursement in case they find themselves caught in one. This is to ensure that both and motorists won’t have to pay additional fees, and are financially backed for the injuries they sustained and damages caused in case of accidents.

The average number of automobile accidents ranges at around 6 million in America alone, which equates to one accident happening every fourteen seconds. Most accidents are caused by drunk driving, careless behaviour, using cellphones while driving, total disregard of traffic rules, and other actions that could cause trouble on the road. The government has to make sure that its citizens are insured for these kinds of accidents; thus, almost every US state requires drivers to have the least minimum financial auto coverage.

With the risk of auto accidents, drivers and motorists may not only be threats to themselves while driving, but also to other people. Car insurance makes sure that drivers and motorists have financial coverage in case they are caught in an accident. It not only pays for the medical bills for the injured party, but also for the damages they have done on other people’s property. Accidents always involve people getting hurt and property getting damage, so it is safe to have reimbursement for the damages done.

The very fact that there is the risk of danger on the roads enforces the people’s need for protection. And because accidents could hardly be prevented, they could at least be prepared for. The government recognizes this need for protection and assistance; thus, the authorities strongly recommend drivers and motorists to be financially covered in case something happens. Any person cannot tell when and where accidents would happen, so it is strongly recommended for drivers and motorists to be safe with financial back-up when the time comes.

Each state may have different requirements and laws for having auto coverage, but most agree that being financial covered is a necessary protection while driving. Insured drivers and motorists won’t have to pay extra fees out of their own pockets when the need comes. And car insurance not only handles the expenses depending on one’s coverage, it also provides quality care and protection for one’s car.