What could possibly happen to a driver who has no auto insurance?


Every driver who finds himself in an automobile accident, caught by law-enforcement officers driving sans auto insurance or evidence of financial responsibility, will be penalized according to the state’s laws.

An uninsured individual involved in an accident where damage to property or injury to other persons occur, will be forced by the court to pay for damages. Penalty for infringement of the law on financial responsibility could mean revocation of the guilty person’s driver’s license and/or a fine.

Penalties for individuals caught driving a vehicle without auto insurance differ from state to state. If you drive without insurance and were proven to have “intent to drive,” your vehicle tag may be confiscated and your vehicle could be impounded. Some states have heavy fines for drivers with no car insurance, or for those who insist on driving even if incapable of keeping their auto insurance. Fines could range from $150 to $500 on drivers who have no insurance.

Things could get worse if a driver who has no auto insurance gets into a vehicular accident. Even if legally allowed to drive without car insurance, after having complied with financial-responsibility laws, a driver will have to pay for damages and injuries in an accident he caused.

People who buy auto insurance policies may not know it, but part of the money they pay for premiums goes to the states in the union who do not aggressively clamp down on uninsured drivers. Yes, some states may not regard driving without insurance a grave violation of the law.

If you are one of those drivers who scoff at the need for car insurance, you might as well shop around for quotes. Paying for car insurance will not only cover you should you be fined for a traffic violation, you could even avoid jail time for more serious offenses.