What are Ticket points and how does it affect me and my car insurance?


Ticket points are points that are added every time you commit a traffic violation. It is an evaluation tool that determines your driving proficiency based on how good you are at following traffic rules and regulations. This point system takes note of all your violations and compiles them into one file. The more violations that you incurred, the worse your record will be.

Points work like demerits. The more points you have the more negative your driving report will be. If you are caught too many times because of these violations, you might get your driving license revoked, get your car impounded, pay fees and fines and you might even be sent to prison. It might sound like overkill for many people but you must remember that there are reasons why those laws were created.

Traffic rules, regulations and laws are done and implemented for a reason. The main reason is road safety. A person who does not follow traffic rules and regulations are a threat to themselves and also to the people on the road with them. People who refuse to follow these rules and regulations are the reason why many car accidents happen.

This ticket point system affects you because it will be recorded and placed together with your file. It could cause you various serious inconveniences such as it may cause you your job. Many employers do a background check on potential employee candidates and any negative comments about you may be the difference on getting you the job that you want. Also, if you are already employed and your employer gets a hold of this information, you might be fired since this record tells a lot about you and who you are.

Regarding your car insurance, this ticket point system increases the amount that you need to pay. In the worst case, this ticket system might even get your car insurance application denied. This is due to the fact that you are a risk not only to them but also to the people around you. For car insurance companies, giving these kinds of people car insurance is like throwing away money since statistically, those people who disregard traffic rules and regulations are the ones who are usually involved in car related accidents.

Important people in our society put civil obedience in high regard. In driving it should prove to be more useful because there are lives on the line. There are lives that a single mistake could take. It is a responsibility and an obligation for every driver to know and apply these rules to lessen the occurrence of traffic accidents.