What are the reasons behind women having cheaper car insurance?


Driving is no longer limited to the domain of the men. Especially these timed where women are getting more career-oriented, and double income households are getting more common, more women taking the wheels is an inevitable scene. Regardless of these, it is still widely believed that men are more proficient drivers. Why then do women generally have more affordable car insurance plans? Because statistics actually tell that women are more proficient drivers than men, making them better insurance risks.

Statistics show that men generally are more likely to employ in jobs requiring frequent travels (such as haul or passenger vehicle drivers), and are more exposed to longer commutes than women. Insurance actually is higher for a larger amount of miles, making men more expensive to insure. Driving for longer distances usually increases risk for accidents. Additionally, in single income families, although women are increasingly taking the responsibility of feeding the family, men are still more likely to be the breadwinner. In this situation, women spend most of their time at home, probably caring for the children or doing household work. In this set-up, women only travel in short distances, maybe picking a child or buying stuff for the fridge in the neighbourhood supermarket.

Also, data proves that women generally choose to drive more economical cars, and are more likely to choose cars with more safety features. Men are still more likely to choose gas guzzling SUVs, which are obviously more expensive to insure. Economical cars with more security and safety features are not only cheaper, but actually better ensure the well-being of the driver and its passengers, and also lessen the risk of being stolen. Interestingly, women are also less likely to endure fatal accidents, for men are more probable to drive drunk. One of the most common reasons of fatal accidents is drunk driving. It is not uncommon to hear news concerning driving under the influence of alcohol, may it be common people or Hollywood personalities.

Statistics also indicate that women actually involve in fewer automobile accidents than men. Data indicates that men actually are more prone to speed their cars, be reckless in taking the wheel, give up to hot temper, and less cautious that women. One probable factor here is that women are more likely to drive with children on the backseat. Mother’s traditional care for children makes them more cautious in driving, at a safe speed, and at a controlled temper.

Finally, women tend to report less costly claims than men. With insurance companies willing to pay out at the least amount possible, women therefore get cheaper car insurance plans.