What are the main types of car insurance?


Accidents happen in our least expected time. You can be driving in the road and suddenly a car bumps into you. Events like this can happen to anyone. If this happens to you, car insurance will protect and help you repair your car.

Though the federal law does not require it, all States have minimum insurance laws. Liability coverage is required by state law minimum insurance. There are three types of it. The first is the Property damage liability. This is the replacement and repair of other people’s property if you are held liable for the accident. Second is the Bodily injury liability. This covers other people’s injuries and death if you are at fault. Third is the Uninsured or Underinsured motorist coverage. This helps you in case the other driver, who caused the accident, has little or no car insurance. There are also some types of car insurance but are not required by State law. We have collision – it covers your car repair in case of a car accident. Next, we have comprehensive – this pays to replace or fix your car in case of an accident caused by third party. Then, we have Medical payments. This insures any medical expenses not resulting from auto accident regardless of who is at fault of the accident.