What are the different types of car insurance coverage?


Whenever you are getting car insurance, it is important for you to know the different car coverage that car insurance companies offers. This is because of the fact that your coverage actually determines how much are you protected. Remember that the reason why the government requires you to have car insurance before you can drive your car legally is because they want to ensure that you are getting protection while hitting the road. Therefore, it is important for you to know the coverage of your car insurance policy.

Basically, coverage is all about what are the different situations that are covered by your car insurance. Simply put, your coverage actually details when would car insurance companies offer protection to you, your car, and your loved ones. Your coverage also details on how much you can claim, and on what specific situations on the road do your car insurance company offers you protection. Here then are some of the most important kinds of car insurance coverage:

  1. Collision Coverage – This kind of coverage actually deals with all the damages that were done to your vehicle in cases of accidents. This also includes costs related on repairs, or even on the replacement of your vehicle.
  2. Bodily Injury – This is the type of coverage which actually pays for all the bodily injuries that you have caused whenever you are involved in an accident and at fault.
  3. Comprehensive Coverage – This is the most complete form of coverage. It gives you coverage in cases of car theft, natural disasters such as storms and tornados, fire accidents, vandalism, objects that fell to your car, and even earthquakes and explosions. However, this does not include collision related damages, which is why comprehensive coverage is always paired with collision coverage.
  4. Property Damage – This provides coverage on the property damages that you have caused while driving.
  5. Medical Coverage – Obviously, this is the kind of coverage that actually covers all the medical expenses that must be paid related to vehicular accidents. This kind of coverage is able to give protection for you, your loved ones, and to others involved in the accident. These includes costs such as medical treatments, consultations, x rays, doctors fees, surgery, ambulance, and even funeral expenses. However, the extent of protection and coverage may vary according to who is at fault.
  6. Personal Injury Coverage – This includes all the costs that are involved in personal injuries received whenever you are not at fault in that vehicular accident.