Should I Apply Car Insurance For My Teenage Son? Is It Possible To Include Him In My Already Existing Car Insurance?


Of course, a parent must get car insurance for his teenage son. Knowing what kind of “thinking” adolescents have, it is the parents’ primary responsibility to protect these teens (and the people these teens might affect). While adolescents undergo abrupt hormonal changes, strong chemical activities in the brain, and underdevelopment of the prefrontal cortex (area of the brain responsible for human emotions and impulses) which cause their strong tendency towards mood swings and aggressions, it is the parents’ primary role to help teenagers protect themselves. One way is through car insurance (via Extraordinary Medical Coverage). If the accident involves someone else aside from the policy holder, Bodily Injury Liability could help the policy holder make amends for the damage/s.

Though insurers that offer special rates to young drivers are already on the lane, tracking these low-priced teenage car insurance could still be very difficult since they can be hesitant to offer contract to this high risk group.

The best option however is including the teen driver in the parent’s existing car insurance. Yes that’s right, you could include your son in your existing insurance contract. Insurance companies offer family plans and a parent could always include his/ her son in the plan. Not only will parents save time drafting or considering another plan or money spent over teenage car insurance premium which costs twice his or her insurance rate, but the parent would also be sure of the benefits his/ her son would be getting since he/she is already familiar with the plan. We call this procedure “endorsements”. Endorsements could also mean ‘discounts’ plus the company earns more, which is a pretty mutual relationship between the parent and the insurance company.

Remember that what I’ve written is just a simple summary of the overall procedure behind teenage car insurance. Still, the main point is to be careful when dealing with the policies. In every insurance proposal you’re going to venture in, review the policies first before giving it your yes. When negotiating, be well-informed and witty enough to be able to have the best plan for your and your son’s needs. At the end of the day, you would be responsible for your car insurance plan, not the car insurance company!

Most importantly, never forget that getting car insurance for your teen is a very important precautionary measure, as no one knows where and when he will meet an accident, though the procedure may be draining.  Equally important with this is that parents make their teens understand car insurance as a way of preparing for a prospect accident and never a permit to breaking rules. Dealing with teenage car insurance could mean hassle for a short while, but that would surely make room for peace of mind and assurance.