Is It Possible to Get Insurance for Your Car with a Suspended or Revoked License?


In getting a car insurance policy you should always provide the company with correct details. This is because when they find that you are carrying an invalid license and you did not tell them about it, your insurance policy would be cancelled immediately.

For people with revoked or suspended license, getting their car insured is difficult, but not impossible. Every state and company has a different set of guiding principles which they follow.  There are companies that will not provide car insurance policies to people without a bona fide license. On the other hand, there are companies which would provide a car policy to a person with a revoked or suspended license. However, they would require that person to get hold of a valid license typically within 30 to 45 days.

States with partners which offer car coverage to a person with an invalid license require that person to obtain a valid license within 45 days. On their forms which they would compel one to fill up, they would usually ask the current state of the person’s license. There are six categories which answers the question wherein a person, filing for an insurance policy, may choose from. The choices available are:

  • Valid
  • Suspended
  • Revoked
  • Expired
  • Permit
  • Foreign or International

Among those choices, a person with a suspended license, for example, should select “Suspended.” If the state or its partner could not provide any help for that person, they could at the very most help the person find local agents or companies that would assist that person in getting a car policy.

However, if a person’s license has been invalid for a long period of time and that person could not get his license permitted within the period the company or the state has provided, then the best possible way to get his car covered is by having another person with a valid license get a car policy for him. This implies that another person could get a hold of the car insurance and be the car’s driver until the time the owner of the car with an invalid license obtains an authenticated license.

Another insurance offer of some companies for people carrying a void license is when that person obtains a restricted license or permit. This means that when a person with an invalid license gets a hold of a license which allows that person to drive to and from work only, the person is then granted the privilege to a car insurance policy.