Buying Car Insurance Online: A Wise Choice


At this times when we are facing the bad effects of the global economic recession, you have no choice but to be thrifty or save money. In this line, getting car insurance right at your fingertips is questionable if it is wise. Now, be informed that 99 percent of people who purchase online say, “Yes!”

 The data of the matter proves that insurance for your vehicle bought online must be at least similar to that offered by insurance agents, as guided by the law. Indeed, many states in the US have minimum requirements for the coverage that they demand all drivers to have on their cars to cover compensations for other drivers when the accident, which is their fault, happens. Online car insurance companies are prohibited to offer less than this minimum coverage.

Due to competition with other companies that at are running with insurance agents, online insurance providers often times offer a wide range of coverage price like the traditional agents offer.

A big fact why it is too wise to buy insurance for your car online is that it has price that is lower than the traditional insurance purchased through agents, because online insurance providers do not even have to pay or give commission from the percentage of your paid premium to the agents. Moreover, agents get a residual income from the percentage of every renewed premium you are paying while you are keeping the policy.

 Talking about claims, there is really no difference between traditional and online auto insurance because it is not often for a local insurance agent to make claim decisions like scrutinizing the car to evaluate its value and the quotes to determine what the insurance company will pay—and these claim decisions are also done by online car insurance providers.

On the other hand, online car insurance providers offer toll free telephone numbers, electronic mail and online chatting as means to contact their customer service representatives. Even though it is not a face to face or personal business transaction, these methods is still convenient for queries to be answered or for problems to be resolved. Imagine that by just sitting and relaxing with your gadgets, you are able to contact your online insurance providers easily.

So the next time you want to save time, effort and of course, money, be wise; insure your car online. There are maybe some quite differences between online and traditional insurers, but considering the fact that getting savings on premiums could make up for your shortcomings.