Auto Insurance Questions Archive for February, 2012

  • What women should understand about purchasing auto insurance?

    All those famous sarcasms on women drivers bite the dust when it comes to auto insurance quotes. Gone are the days when men would roll their eyes when it came to women drivers. Auto insurance providers have a lot of goodies for women when it comes to purchasing auto insurance. Women drivers are increasing and statistics indicate that 80% of … (more) February 29, 2012

  • How much insurance you need on your car?

    Auto insurance works on a set of probabilities based on past records. These histories and facts determine the rate of premium you will be offered. Customers who dread worst case scenarios often end up paying huge rates. Insurance companies love them! Shopping for auto insurance can be a time-consuming and a rather boring job. But with quotes differing by significant … (more) February 26, 2012

  • Can you undertake senior citizens driving course to reduce insurance rates?

    Senior citizens are often assumed to be a high-risk group as far as auto insurance goes. This is because their reflexes often reduce with time. Impaired sight and hearing may often retard a senior citizen’s ability to drive. But, this does not mean senior citizens should not drive. They need their independence which driving can give. They can drive provided … (more) February 23, 2012

  • How to uncomplicate complicated auto insurance schemes?

    The present times are fast and most of us have little or no time especially when making important decisions. That’s when we fail to do appropriate research and end up selecting an inappropriate solution creating several concerns in the future. When it comes to auto insurance then you should not be lenient and should go for each insurance strategy step … (more) February 20, 2012

  • How to pay less for auto insurance for teenagers?

    A teenager has limited experience with life since they are on the verge of growing up and experiencing the real world. No matter how enchanting we find our teenagers to be in this phase, it can be quite confusing. The whole world including auto insurance companies are aware of this fact. And, that’s why auto insurance rates for teenagers are … (more) February 16, 2012

  • What are the advantages of taking auto insurance online?

    There are many advantages of taking auto insurance online and people are starting to realize this in recent times. There are several ways of purchasing auto insurance. You can purchase it from an auto insurance salesman, from the auto insurance dealer directly or from the website of the auto insurance company. The last option is obviously the most economical option, … (more) February 11, 2012

  • What factor can lower down car insurance for teens?

    People can really save huge amount of cash on a car insurance for teens if only they know the factors that can make a huge difference. Oftentimes, car insurance for teens is expensive. This is because car insurance companies think that teens are of higher risk since they are impulsive and adventurous. As a parent, you have to look for … (more) February 5, 2012

  • How much auto insurance is sufficient for your vehicle?

    Many customers often ask a very common question. How much coverage or what insurance products should they purchase? There is no easy answer to this and it varies from one person to another. To start with, third party liability insurance is usually mandated by law in most states. Moreover, a figure is also mandated as the minimum coverage that you … (more) February 1, 2012