Can you undertake senior citizens driving course to reduce insurance rates?


Senior citizens are often assumed to be a high-risk group as far as auto insurance goes. This is because their reflexes often reduce with time. Impaired sight and hearing may often retard a senior citizen’s ability to drive. But, this does not mean senior citizens should not drive. They need their independence which driving can give. They can drive provided they are covered by adequate auto insurance.

How is auto insurance for senior citizens calculated?

The factors are more or less the same. The person’s age, driving record and type of car determines the rates. Rising age often means higher premiums because insurance providers link increasing age with reduced driving ability.

How does one go about finding the best deal?

Senior citizens may have found that in older days, there were only a few deals to choose from. But today by browsing online, they can enter their details like make of the car and personal information to compare several quotes. If they are not computer savvy themselves, they can request their children or grandchildren to help them out.

Another important fact is that after retirement, car usage reduces dramatically. You do not need to go out to work daily. This in itself saves on the mileage and use of the car.

Which are the best companies to contact?

There are companies in every area that specialize in auto insurance for senior citizens. These will be a better option as they will understand the requirements for senior citizens. It is not always necessary that the company you have been using for all these years has the best deal to offer you. It might seem inconvenient to change your auto insurance provider. But, it is well worth it if saves you significant bucks.

Can you take senior citizens driving courses to reduce insurance rates?

Many auto insurance companies offer reduced rates if you take a senior citizens driving course. They have approved driving courses that may be taken. These will not help tone up your driving skills but will also cut down on the premium.

Are there any other ways to reduce the premium?

Yes there are. By showing a clean and steady driving record and by installing safety features in your car, premium rates do reduce significantly. Another option is to ask, if there are reduced rates for reduced driving time.