What women should understand about purchasing auto insurance?


All those famous sarcasms on women drivers bite the dust when it comes to auto insurance quotes. Gone are the days when men would roll their eyes when it came to women drivers. Auto insurance providers have a lot of goodies for women when it comes to purchasing auto insurance. Women drivers are increasing and statistics indicate that 80% of women drive beyond the age of 65. Up to 53% of car sales are now made by women. With such strong statistics in favor of women drivers, auto insurance for women is a hot topic.

Why are auto insurance rates for women often cheaper?

The reasons are plenty for this trend. Auto insurance providers are alive to the fact that women are safer drivers than men. Insurance base their rates on prevalent statistics. These indicate that men have an 80% accident rate compared to women. Besides this there are other facts that support women drivers. This in turn means less chances of damage to cars and lives because of women. Instances of alcohol consumption before driving are much less. Speeding tickets are issued much more often to men than women. Women have had only 14% of motoring violations and 18% of driving related convictions. Their accident claims are also minor compared to the total write-offs that men drivers can cause.

To an auto insurance provider, these criteria indicate a more dependable insurant. This means less chances of the company having to pay out. More and more auto insurance companies are offering interesting policies to women drivers. So its rather simple, women get better deals not because they are female but because they are more careful and prudent drivers.

There is yet another reason why women drivers enjoy insurance rates. They tend to buy durable and sturdy medium sized cars compared to the high maintenance vehicles preferred by men.

Where should women look for good insurance deals?

The best way to do this is to go online. Sign up with an auto insurance company only after comparing rates of at least 4 or 5. See that the company is a reputed and dependable one rather than some shady one. Many auto insurance companies are coming out with special offers exclusively for women drivers. If the family is planning to buy a car, let the lady be the insurant. This can save a significant sum on the premium.