Riverside Auto Insurance in Alabama

Driving without valid Riverside car insurance can increase your financial liabilities in case of mishaps. It is always recommended to have Riverside auto insurance coverage in Alabama so that you can reduce the burden on your pocket in case of accidents or theft. There are many good Riverside auto insurance companies from where you can procure your coverage.

Auto Insurance Liability Tips for Riverside, Alabama

Auto insurance companies have a responsibility to either compensate for the damages during an accident or to repair the vehicle after an applicant has signed up for insurance. Many people who opt for liabilities do not understand the process of compensations since this is not properly explained by most vehicle insurance companies. This article will provide some auto insurance liability tips applicable to car owners in Riverside, Alabama.

Repair Costs

Auto insurance companies in Riverside, Alabama do not specify whether or not you have to get your car repaired or whose name the check needs to be made in. Many vehicle insurance policies state that they do not condition payments for damages on replacement parts or repairs on the vehicle. Since insurance companies cannot force you to use a specific body shop if they are cutting you a check then you are free to decide which auto body shop you want to get your car repaired from. Unless the policy specifically states otherwise you can choose if you want to get your car repaired or if you want to keep the money and have a car that has a dent. Since this is allowed and not considered illegal many people who have old cars or people who do not plan to use that particular car a lot usually keep the money and repair their own cars themselves.

Replacement costs

Most people who opt for collision and comprehensive cover are not aware that when the car is totaled they have an option to keep the salvage instead of asking the insurance company to give you the market value for the car. If you decide to do this then the insurance company will deduct the value of the salvage from the payment and give you the rest of the money. Many people opt for this option since they get to sell the salvage to a junk yard and they also get to keep the money the auto insurance company has given them.

You will always have an option to give up the salvage and take the full amount from the insurance company but you should keep in mind that your insurance company will decide the value of your car on various factors like the number of miles it has been used, the condition it was before the accident and the make with the model of the car. Before choosing from either option you should decide which option is more beneficial for you and the best way to do this is first ask the insurance company for an estimate of your car's value before choosing an option.

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