Hartford Auto Insurance in Alabama

There are certain things you will have to be careful about while buying Hartford car insurance. Hartford auto insurance companies in Alabama will increase the premium of your Hartford auto insurance policy even if the friend you lent your car to ends up in an accident while driving it.

Four Facts about Auto Insurance in Hartford, Alabama

There are many things that car owners do not know about auto insurance and not knowing these important things usually costs car owners a lot of money. Insurance companies usually do not reveal certain facts about your policy and the gain from your loss when an accident occurs. This article will elaborate on four facts you should about before you buy auto insurance in Hartford, Alabama.

Lending Your Car

Most people are aware that their cars are adequately covered by the insurance company even if their friends use it but these people are not aware that lending their cars to friends can cause their premium to increase. This may seem surprising but every time there is an accident especially an at fault accident your premium increases and if you have already filed claims in that year then filing for claims after your friend has an accident in your car will further increase the amount of premium you pay. The insurance company will cut out your check after calculating the deductible amount but this accident will go on to your record.

Personal Property

Many people are under their impression that when their car is stolen they will get reimbursed for their personal belongings but the truth is that any personal belongings inside the car are not insured. If you have a camera, portable music player or any other expensive items inside your car then you will need to pay to replace these items yourself.

Credit History

Your credit history is one of the most important factors that determine the amount of premium you pay. Your credit history is basically a record of your financial accounts, the number and amount of debts you have taken and if you are heading towards bankruptcy. Your credit score is a four digit score that is deciphered using your credit history. Auto insurance companies in Hartford, Alabama and other states in USA use this information to decide the amount you will give them every year as premium.

Teenage Drivers

Most parents are under the impression that when their teenager turns 16 they should add their child to their insurance policy but these people are not aware that parents have the option to wait till their child gets a license. If you want to save money on insurance for teens then you should consider adding him as the primary policy holder to an old or inexpensive car rather than an additional user on the family car.

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