Knoxville Auto Insurance in Alabama

Obtaining Knoxville car insurance for teens can be a daunting task if you do not have basic information handy. Knoxville auto insurance companies in Alabama charge an arm and a leg for insuring your teenager is you don't show proof of them being responsible. Producing documents like driver's education proof and good grades at school can get them significant discounts on Knoxville auto insurance.

Teen Auto Insurance Requirements in Knoxville, Alabama

Each state in USA has its own vehicle insurance requirements and so does the state of Alabama. The auto insurance rules for teenagers in Alabama are a little different than the other states in USA and the insurance companies in Knoxville, Alabama follow the state's requirements. In order to reduce the number of accidents and deaths on the road each year the state of Alabama has introduced its own version of the graduate driving license law. This article will elaborate on the auto insurance laws and other requirements if you are insuring your child's car in this state.

In order to be eligible for auto insurance in Alabama the applicant has to first get a driving license. According to the state laws to obtain a learner's license in Alabama the teenager must be at least 15 years old and he must submit authentic documents to support his age. While applying for the license if the applicant is 16 or 17 years old then has to submit two forms of identity and 1 picture of himself. If the applicant is 15 years old then he has to submit originals of his birth certificate since photocopies will not be accepted. The applicant also has to submit his social security card or proof that he has a social security number.

Another important document that has to be submitted is the proof of his graduation or the proof of his enrollment in school. A $5 testing fee and a $23 fee is charged for testing and the license. The fee amounts have to be paid in cash at the time of submitting the application. The fee amounts may vary by a few dollars in certain license centers but the above estimate can be used as a reference.

Guidelines for Applying for a License

Before applying for teen driving license you should know that there are some exceptions to the graduate driving law in this state. The graduate driving law does not apply to applicants who are 18 years or older and this law also does not apply to applicants who are 17 years or older provided they have a valid license for 6 months or longer. This law also does not apply to 16 year applicants or older applicants who are married or head of their houses. If the applicant has been legally relived of his minority status then he cannot apply under the graduate driving law.

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