States where auto insurance is most expensive in 2011


States where auto insurance is most expensive in 2011Auto Insurance is very important for the people who drive any kind of vehicle whether it is car, truck, bike or any other vehicle. But the fact is that auto insurance is becoming expensive day by day. There are many states in US where auto insurance is very costly. A list of states in US which have most expensive auto insurance is given below:

Michigan: When it comes to auto insurance Michigan is the costliest state in US. Usually, normal auto insurance costs $2,541 there. This is the reason why not less than 19% of the cars in Michigan do not have auto insurance despite that fact that nobody is allowed to drive a car in US unless they have auto insurance. As a result many drivers have to pay high fine fees for not having auto insurance in this state.

Louisiana: The insurance experts in Louisiana state that the reason behind auto insurance being so expensive here is when somebody goes to court for an accident claim the judges will charge around $50,000 for resolving the case. This is really a very high amount charged by the courts but it is a fact and that is why auto insurance is so expensive here in Louisiana.

Oklahoma: There are two reasons for the auto insurance being so expensive in Oklahoma. First is the weather condition of the state which is really wild and second is uninsured drivers. Normal auto insurance in Oklahoma costs about $ 2,197 which is the third highest auto insurance price at the moment.

Montana: The reason behind the auto insurance being so expensive in Montana is that it is a big state. This means that the roads here are larger and are more prone to accidents. That is why the auto insurance is as high as $ 2,190 at present.

Washington D.C.: In Washington D.C. the auto insurance costs about $ 2,146 which is the fifth highest insurance price in USA. This is mainly due to the fact that about 15% of the drivers here do not have auto insurance and as a result the insurance policies become costlier for others also.

California: In California auto insurance costs up to $ 1,991 and the main reason for such expensive auto insurance is large number of drivers without auto insurance. According to the statistics, nearly 15% of the drivers in California do not have auto insurance.