Senate Session Adjournment Delays Michigan Auto Insurance Reform


There will be a slight delay in the implementation of the Michigan property/casualty insurance bill that was already approved by the House of Representatives as Senate adjourned before the holidays without taking action on it. This delay caused by the Senate adjournment raised contrasting and differing reactions from both pro and anti groups.

Senate Session Adjournment Delays Michigan Auto Insurance ReformNational Association of Mutual Insurance Companies mid-Atlantic state affairs manager Erin Collins expressed his reaction that he is extraordinarily happy that the Michigan Senate did not discuss and set action on this legislation before ending the session. Collins said that what the Senate did buys him and his group more time to educate legislators on the significance of underwriting tools in keeping insurance costs down and in calculating risk. On the other hand, support groups who want this legislation to be approved by the Senate are disappointed as to why lawmakers did not act on the bills; especially that doing so will cause important changes in Michigan auto insurance.

The next Senate session will not begin until after New Year comes. Consumer groups are now worried that if at the start of this session the insurance reform bills are not yet tackled, chances of it being ratified may be lessened. Some pro-bill local groups blame anti-reform organizations for opposing the legislation. According to one policy holder in Michigan, false arguments presented by opposing organizations have already prolonged and delayed approval of the bills by Congress and is now prolonging Senate approval. Insurance providers seem to be happy that the Senate decided to postpone acting on the bills package until session resumes next year. A representative from one major insurance company or firm said that the time left until session starts is exactly what they need to launch a campaign that will prove to everyone that this package is not beneficial to both service providers and consumers.

This property/casualty insurance bills package have been making headlines ever since it was passed by the House of Representatives. Consumer advocate Melvin Hollowell, strongly backs up the package and according to him, this package is set to give more authority to the State Insurance Commissioner in deciding over auto policy rates and how insurance providers will be able to calculate risks.

Rep. Shanelle Jackson, who expressed how glad she was the day the House passed the bills, is hopeful that the Senate will take immediate action as well. Meanwhile, Michigan Insurance Coalition, which is against this package, still maintains its stand, claiming that this legislation will only cause negative changes in the insurance market.