New Mexico Motorists Reminded to be More Careful During Winter


States officials said that local authorities and insurance providers should be getting ready for whatever may happen during climate changes this holiday season. As the holiday season arrives, it also marks the winter season where insurance claims are at its peak and the number of collision and accident reports pile up. Motorists, especially in New Mexico, are once again reminded to take an extra precaution when getting on the road during winter.

New Mexico Motorists Reminded to be more careful during winterIn states where the number of winter car accidents keeps on increasing year after year, extra precaution is needed. In New Mexico, the Emergency Management Department as well as the Department of Homeland Security has conducted an information campaign targeted to drivers reminding them to have an emergency kit installed and ready to be used in their cars. According to this campaign, emergency kits should contain snacks, blankets, emergency batteries, gloves, flashlight, matches, and a shovel. Depending on type and number of passengers and preference of the driver, more items can be added such as emergency flares, certain medicines, and a first aid kit. Tips on how to inspect tire tread, breaks, and ignition system are also taught to educate motorists.

Reports from the National Weather Agency in Albuquerque said that cooler temperatures due to cold winds and strong winds are expected to hit New Mexico during this whole month of December. Reports also say that the areas near the northern mountains can expect heavy snowfall to last all month long. To prepare for the worst, the Department of Transportation has allotted a huge sum to cover extra crew members needed to work on more front-end loaders, snowplows, and anti-icing trucks to make sure that holiday travel on the state’s icy roads will be much safer. Sources say that major anti-icing projects have been done on public roads across New Mexico. Highway patrols are even planned to be assigned to specific highway locations to monitor traffic activity in crucial areas.

Research conducted by the Insurance Information Institute show that poor road visibility caused by early darkness and formation of ice on highways and streets that block traffic leading to very hazardous slippery roads all contribute to the number of winter car or vehicle accidents. According to major insurance companies, the start of winter months, generally November and December, also means more extra work as more claims are filed than any other month of the year.

Experts say that if both car owners and local authorizes to cooperate towards achieving road safety, the number of accident reports can be significantly lowered this year.