New Hampshire Promotes Safe Holiday Driving


New Hampshire is set to begin a campaign that will promote a safe holiday for motorists as a response to the state‚Äôs problem on high rates of drunk or drugged drivers during the holiday season. According to reports, an estimated number of 200 State officials are expected to take part in launching the campaign to be held at the governor’s yearly highway safety gathering in Meredith, New Hampshire.

New Hampshire Promotes Safe Holiday Driving Records from the Insurance Information Institute say that in New Hampshire, the number of insurance claims filed go up by a whopping 20% during the months of December and January. Much of the motorists involved in these accidents were driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Further studies show that majority of people involved in these accidents are on their way home from a Christmas party or on their way from one party to another. Insurance experts believe that a campaign specifically targeted for safe holiday driving can be a great help to lessen the number of accidents during this Christmas season.

During the launch of this campaign, Attorney General, Michael Delaney, will deliver the keynote address and Governor John Lynch is set to proclaim December as the Drunk and Drugged Driving Awareness Month. According to Governor Lynch, this campaign is intended primarily to lessen deaths and injuries on state roads particularly in the nearing holiday season. Governor Lynch said in an interview that news reports regarding driving accidents has been dampening holiday spirits for way too long, and it is about time State officials and local groups take part in promoting safe holiday driving.

Local motorist groups were also invited to attend this launch and are expected to be there to show full support for the campaign. From them, part of the reason why accidents hike during December is because people tend to neglect the importance of safe driving because they become too excited to holiday parties here and there. Local motorist groups believe that if a strong campaign during December is held, drivers will start to take notice of the importance of not drinking too much at parties.

According to State officials, aside from the promotion of safe holiday driving tips, this campaign will also focus on increasing the number of patrol units at night and strengthening security road forces. Patrol posts and check points will be set up to monitor drivers who may be drunk driving late at night. Drunk drivers will be penalized and may even have their licenses suspended.

Insurance providers predict that if all goes well with the campaign, holiday insurance claims can be reduced by up to 80%.