New Bill Can Take Uninsured Drivers off Oklahoma Roads


New legislation that has recently been approved in the House of Congress can discourage or deter uninsured Oklahoma drivers from hitting the road.  With the new bill, drivers who get pulled over by police officers and upon verification are found not to have auto coverage can have their vehicles towed.  This new law is the brainchild of Oklahoma representative, Steve Martin, who has received numerous requests and appeals in the past from constituents to institute measures to protect insured drivers from drivers without auto insurance policies.

New Bill Can Take Uninsured Drivers off Oklahoma RoadsIn addition, the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety has equipped all patrol cars with computers that can pull up driver records instantly and identify those who have coverage and those who don’t have auto insurance.  It will be tragic now for drivers who get caught without a policy on their vehicles as the police have been given blanket authority to confiscate their cars, have them towed and impounded.

This recent development is a cause for cheer for many law-abiding Oklahoma drivers wary and fearful of getting into accidents with uninsured drivers.  On the other hand, it is bad news for violators as they may have to contend with moving around town without a car for some time.  The verification system that is in use now in all Oklahoma police cars can pull up records in seconds which can significantly aid police officers in issuing citations.  This should serve as a warning to all uninsured drivers since they may find their cars taken away from them in the blink of an eye.

In order to prevent getting inconvenienced with this new policy, it is recommended that drivers acquire adequate liability coverage.  In addition, they need to make sure that they make payments on their premiums on time.  There are many insurance plans available in the market today, and drivers can easily find policies with attractive features and reasonable fees.  Also, they can do their research conveniently while navigating the Internet space, as many insurers now have online sites, on top of Web sites that offer free insurance quote comparisons.

It is inaccurate to assume that driving uninsured would save one money, because if ever an uninsured driver gets in an auto accident he may find himself paying a considerable amount of money for repairs, hospitalization and other related expenses.  Also, high numbers of uninsured vehicles on the road would drive insurance premiums up, making it expensive for drivers to maintain sufficient coverage for their cars.

A piece of advice for Oklahoma drivers who would insist on driving without an insurance in defiance of the new legislation, make sure that your cell phone is fully charged all the time, as you might need to call a friend for a lift in case you get pulled over by a traffic or police officer.