Monarch Insurance VIP On-The-Spot very effective, say consumers


UNLIRF-00026419-001All vehicle owners and drivers alike are very careful when travelling by road. Vehicle owners are careful to not cause any damage to their vehicles or other vehicles on the road. They are also a danger to themselves and pillions when they meet with accidents.

Many people are careful to avoid accident as they find it an inconvenience to go and get auto insurance or health insurance policy as the process of filling it up is complex.

Monarch Insurance’s Vehicle Insurance Policy provides consumers for on the spot application and receipt of insurance policies and on the spot payments on policies and compensation in case of accidents.

“We know the ill feelings of car owners when they meet an auto accident and also the long and painstaking process that they have to go through when making an insurance claim. But our policyholders have peace of mind because they know that they just need to make one phone call, and our automobile engineer will be at the accident site within half an hour.” Monarch’s vice president Y.C. Lai said.

Monarch Insurance looks to make the process of compensation more effective. The company provides on the spot vehicle insurance policies to consumers and removes the time wasted waiting for a traffic police agent to come to the accident spot to check the validity of the accident or time taken at the police office or at the automobile company and the time needed to fix damage to the vehicle.

“The normal claims process is very long and painstaking. What we do with VIP On-The-Spot is make the claims process convenient and hassle-free — no police report, no photographs, no estimates required. All they need to do is to just make a one phone call, and that’s it. They can have their motor insurance claim settled on-the-spot, and then they can leave the accident site and choose where they want their cars to be repaired.” said Lai

Monarch Insurance gives consumers access to a hotline, 896-0000. This hotline is a line just for consumers who meet with accidents. Once a consumer makes the call he/she has to give the company their contact details and location along with vehicle details. The company then sends an agent who evaluates and offers a fixed price for settlement on the spot. The agent will be at the spot with half an hour from the time of the phone call.

Damages up to a certain limit is paid to the client on the spot, after the said limit consumers have to collect the compensation at the office on the next working day.

In order to maintain customer satisfaction, the company offers consumers the chance to challenge the report written by the agents. The company sends another agent who then reevaluates and settles the difference. Monarch Insurance is a reputed company and such challenges do not happen frequently.

The Monarch Insurance VIP On-The-Spot is a very effective and is a new phase in auto insurance policies.