Local motorists get tips on overcoming auto accidents from PTL insurance brokers inc from California


Local motorists get tips on overcoming auto accidents from PTL insurance brokers inc from CaliforniaNow residents of California will get a few lessons from PTL Insurance Brokers Inc. which is a local independent California insurance agency. It continuously strives to improve the services they provide to the community as a whole.

The CA Department of Insurance and California insurance agents know the traffic scenario and the associated problems, and hence, they know the solutions as well.

There is bound to be traffic congestion in a place that has a population of 37 million, where the land mass spans around 840 miles in length. Added to this, are the 5-lane highways, expressways, as well as the winding coastal roads, which speed up auto accidents.

PTL compiled a checklist that was aimed at serving the local California motorists by helping residents understand what needs to be done in case they are involved in an accident.

The first thing is to remain calm. Though they are likely to be in a state of shock, they must not panic as that will only worsen the situation and add to the confusion. The extent of damage must be determined at the accident site.

Call the police immediately. A legal accident report must be filed even if it is a minor fender-bender. You must never leave the accident site unless the police arrives and files the report.

Obtain all the relevant facts and gather witnesses if possible. Try to obtain names, phone numbers, and addresses of the parties that are involved in the accident. The description of the vehicles involved in the accident, their license plate numbers, etc. can prove to be very useful.

You must then contact your California insurance agency or agent. Contact your insurance agency right after the report is filed and if possible, even while you are at the accident site with the police. This would be the most accurate information that you can give your insurance agent.

It is important to have an adequate insurance cover much before you hit the road. Some of the standard coverage will offer personal injury protection, damage to property, bodily injury liability etc. You can also have add-on coverage such as collision coverage, uninsured motorist coverage, comprehensive coverage etc. These are the necessary precautions that a motorist has to take in order to avoid problems in the future. This is something that most motorists will value in case they are involved in an accident.So, secure a proper policy and be safe.