Kansas Still Remains as Top State with Lowest Premium Rates


Kansas – drivers from the Midwest state have more reasons to be more festive this holiday season as insurance regulators report that Kansans is among the US states with the lowest auto policy premiums.

Kansas Still Remains as Top State with Lowest Premium RatesAccording to reports, the Kansas Insurance Department recently announced that the state ranks sixth lowest in the country in the list of states with an average amount spent by drivers for car insurance. Looking back in the past years, 2009 yearend ranking marks a fifth consecutive year that Kansas has achieved a high rank, making the state one of the leaders when it comes to affordable premium charges. In addition to statistics released by the state’s Insurance Department, an independent study conducted by NAIC (National Association of Insurance Commissioners) also shows figures where Kansas ranks 6th in the roster of states with lowest car insurance costs.

Based from figures released by NAIC, results of the latest reporting period show that Kansas drivers spent approximately $568 per insured vehicle. This figure went down by $11 from previous year’s report where the average Kansas motorist pays $579 per insured car. At present, national average stands at roughly $795, making citizens very happy that their state has been able to keep auto policy premium rates affordable and within reach by drivers with limited budgets.

Meanwhile, more insurance expenditure statistics are available as proud states show how they serve their citizens by reducing premium costs. At present, North Dakota claims the number one spot with the lowest average auto policy cost of $512. Second place goes to Iowa where an average driver pays $518 per insured vehicle. Rank number three goes to
South Dakota where average spending is $534, followed by Nebraska with $554, and Idaho with $564. Following Kansas as top seven is

Oklahoma with $646. Ranks eight and nine go to Missouri and Colorado, where an average driver spends $658 and $738, respectively.
Industry experts say that the above ranking assumes that all cars insured in Kansas and all other states only have liability coverage. A ranking that assumes every insured vehicle carrying all three types of coverage (comprehensive, liability, and collision) is also available. However, in this category, Kansas ranks 10th, with an average insurance cost of $713.

According to local motorist groups, 6th or 10th, it does not matter as long Kansas is included in the top ten list. They believe that being in the top 10 is more than enough to show that Kansas drivers are responsible and the state has a desirable market for insurance providers.