Fundamentals of auto insurance laws in the state of Arizona


shutterstock_57476635Every state in the United States has specific laws governing the auto insurance policies and the state of Arizona is not different. There are state specified minimums that every auto insurance policy in Arizona should cover in order to ensure validity and credibility of the policy.

According to the laws of the state of Arizona, the drivers who drive along the highways should have liability coverage that is purchased from one of the insurance providers in the state who have the relevant permits to conduct business in this region. In case, a driver is caught without the relevant auto insurance coverage, he will not be allowed to drive until he purchases the auto insurance policy. This holds the same in case of drivers who are found with insurance policies that have lapsed. 

If the driver has tried various options to get the auto insurance renewed but failed or if the provider has cancelled the coverage, the driver can consider the Arizona Automobile insurance plan. The auto insurance providers in the state of Arizona consider the credit history of the individual before offering them coverage and deciding on the auto insurance premiums. The credit history is used as a basis for offering the policy and calculating the premium because this record serves as a risk assessment document.

The following minimum coverage amounts have to be an integral part of every policy in Arizona is order to ensure its validity:

  • The coverage for bodily injury for each person injured during the accident should be $15000
  • The coverage for bodily injury for more than one person injured during the accident should be $30000
  • The coverage amount for property damage caused during the accident should be $10000

Most of the car insurance policies have the rental car coverage in them. However, in case it is not present, then the driver has to purchase rental car insurance before driving away in the car. There is a special provision called “household exclusion” in the laws that govern car insurance coverage. This implies that if a particular household has coverage, then one driver in that household who has not been listed in the application form can be exempt from coverage.

Arizona is a ‘tort’ state. This means that if a particular driver is considered to be at fault for an accident, then he has to pay up for the medical expenses of the people who were injured as a result of the accident.