Esurance Excellent Auto Insurance


33Esurance is getting the crowd’s attention lately. This San Francisco-based company has made two major steps into making itself renowned for its being innovative and extensive.

First, its recently outdoor television advertising campaign have been launched in several cities in the United States. The campaign shows that Esurance is committed to offering auto insurance while ensuring excellent customer service.

The outdoor advertisement includes ensemble casts that represents the human and technology side of Esurance, Esurance’s Vice President of Marketing Darren Howard says. Chad, a cast who represents a claims representative, is the human side that uplifts Esurance’s excellent customer service attribute. While the technology side is represented by Sanjeev, the programmer, who develops car insurance characteristics and services such as online repair monitoring. The ad illustrates the company’s being best in “both worlds” while committed to service improvement and community involvement.

Online repair monitoring is an added feature where customers with claims can get updates everyday and view pictures of their vehicle while it is being repaired, Howard added.

The outdoor ads will appear until the last week of August in cities across the country such as Los Angeles, Austin, Chicago and San Francisco. The feelies, such as Chad, and techies, like Sanjeev, will be seen on billboards and bus posters in the cities. Out-of-home advertising is a way to show customers that Esurance offers an innovative technology together with a human touch, says Howard. The company is open online 24/7 in their official service website and they can also be reached through phone.

The second major step that brought another of Esurance’s techie side: iPhone. Esurance has just announced the release of an iPhone application that would allow its customers to make payments, view their policies and file for claims. Furthermore, customers can gain access to Esurance’s repair service centers and even view the photos of the repairmen working on their cars. The application is also a perfect venue for auto insurance marketers because it provides the latest instant online quotes of their car services.

Carla Silvey, User Interface and Email Marketing Director of Esurance, says that their customers are good adopters of technology and most of the tem own iPhones. The application can give customers the power to be updated on their claim and bills anywhere and anytime.

Founded in 1998, Esurance is the first insurer to have developed an iPhone application as an extension to its online auto services. It is committed to enhance auto insurance marketing strategies and methods innovatively and providing timely customer service via internet or phone.