WebTech signs WT5000 Locator contract with VeriLocation


3WebTech Wireless Inc. now starts a contract with their distributor, VeriLocation Inc., to supply the latter company over 10, 000 WT5000 Locators for one of their business ventures with a leading insurance company in the United Kingdom.

WebTech Wireless, the leading telematics technology and vehicle fleet location-based services provider, had announced their signing of the contract with the UK-based distributor last Friday, and they have already completed an early delivery of 2, 000 WT5000 Locator units last June.

This contract was the outcome of VeriLocation having won a three-year contract with one of the leading insurance companies in the UK, which they would provide the Locator devices for the latter’s insurance programs for young drivers. This program would make use of the WT5000 Locator’s capabilities and VeriLocation’s web-based utilities to report vehicle usage to its customers and the insurance company. This would result in greater automobile safety for the company’s customers, as well as lower insurance rates.

There would also be some benefits and incentives given to company policyholders if they limit young driver into using their cars during the safer and lower-risk times of the day.

VeriLocation’s Managing Director, Andrew Overton, made a statement about the combining of their company’s automobile management software with WebTech’s in-vehicle Locator hardware would give their insurance customers some end-to-end solutions for their vehicular safety needs. Overton also added that this business venture would lead to increased auto safety and greater peace of mind for their customers.

WebTech Wireless’s Vice President of Insurance, Edward Kulperger, also made a statement that this contract with their UK-based distributor, VeriLocation Inc., shows evidence of their company’s ability to provide quality services and benefits of telematics to their customers. Kulperger also said that they are also pursuing several other business opportunities in countries other than the UK, such as North America.

One of the previous business ventures that WebTech Wireless had taken before was the contract with Cybit, a provider for vehicle tracking applications in the UK, to supply the latter with 7, 000 of the WT5000 Locators last March.

The WT5000 Locator is a GPS locating device that provides reporting and mapping capability access to vehicle fleet managers. It makes use of its Telematics solution and web-based vehicle tracking capabilities to get its vehicle locating job done and to provide the customer’s communication needs. The WT5000 Locator is suitable to be used in light vehicles, trailer equipment, and car fleets.

The Locator’s features include:

  • Two Telemetry Inputs and Outputs for door lock/ unlock, engine immobilization, temperature monitoring, and panic button options
  • Makes use of a GPRS modem for GPS tracking, Geofencing, Mapping, Reporting, and In-vehicle navigation applications
  • Supports the vehicle with Internet services as well as connection to handheld devices and laptops for providing GPS information