Top Level Management Shuffle in Volvo to Boost Sales in the U.S.


In order to boost up its less than desired level of performance in the USA, Volvo chooses 53 year old Tony Nicolosi, CEO of Volvo Car Financial Services U.S., as the new head of its management arm in the country. Nicolosi will be replacing John Maloney, who has held this position, since the last quarter of the year 2011 and is presently exiting the company. Though Nicolosi was not available for a personal comment, but as per Volvo sources, the announcement of crowning him as CEO and President will be made in due course of time.

Volvo’s sales in the U.S. has slumped by almost 7% this financial year, a huge task is now waiting for Nicolosi, as the U.S. market has only marginally improved since the recession. Being a strong executive with an excellent relationship with dealers he is expected to be the key contact for Volvo’s improvement of sales in the country. Being considered as a brilliant businessmen and an equally efficient man of brand and products Nicolosi is certainly expected to prove that he can revive Volvo in the States.

Apart from Maloney, the previous CEO who was repositioned in Europe, but renounced due to some family commitments, Greg Swetoha, the executive VP of Volvo sales U.S. has also left the organization and under the current situation all three regional vice presidents of the company will now be reporting directly to Nicolosi. As per Alain Visser, Senior Vice President, marketing, though Maloney has decided to commit he is still on with Volvo for a few more days for helping with the process of transition and the new CEO will not only oversee the market in the United States but also the Canadian market that has been considered as a separate sales region since January 2012.

As per the industry experts this move is designed to allow the manufacturers to focus more on the U.S. market as well the huge market in China and ultimately reaching the goal of an annual sale of more than 800,000 vehicles worldwide. This executive level change is one of several management level upheavals that Volvo has made in recent years. Maloney, who has been recently replaced was offered the top most position in USA in 2011 and has more than 28 years of total experience in the industry with Volvo and Ford that previously owned this Swedish car manufacturing brand.