Proper Car Maintenance Important for Cheaper Insurance


According to auto insurance specialists, many American motorists fail to realize the importance of keeping their cars well maintained to get lower insurance premiums. Most car owners pay more attention to obvious factors like the risks, car models, and their age, experts say. They add, however, that keeping vehicles in perfect working condition can go a long way in saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars in insurance costs each year.

Proper Car Maintenance Important for Cheaper InsuranceIndustry experts argue that if a car is well maintained and does not suffer from any mechanical problems, then there is less chance of it breaking down and causing accidents. Because of this, ensuring that a car is in perfect working condition is crucial to avoid headaches brought upon by unforeseen breakdowns and repairs. Getting a vehicle with many problems repaired can cost a small fortune. Car insurance typically does not cover any repairs or damage, leaving car owners on their own.

Specialists point out that motorists need to keep detailed records of their cars’ oil changes, last check ups, and potential problems. A maintenance log would allow car owners to keep track of their vehicles’ condition through the years. It can then serve as a guide for car owners to anticipate the need for repairs or replacements.

Even small problems can lead to devastating results, experts explain. A broken windshield wiper can hamper the driver’s vision, increasing the risk of an accident during downpours. Broken head and tail lights can also confuse other drivers and can cause accidents if not attended to immediately. Worse, a broken brake system can make a vehicle careen off the road and hit other cars and pedestrians.

Insurance companies also look at the condition of the vehicles being insured. Poorly maintained cars can present more of a risk that insurers may not be willing to take. The car owner’s know how of their vehicle’s history can also be an essential factor in determining insurance premiums. Experts recommend regularly checking all the car’s systems to see if any of them are experiencing any problems.

By keeping a car in perfect working condition, motorists can save thousands in repair expenses and even more in liability lawsuits resulting from car accidents. Unfortunately, studies have pointed out that very few Americans know how to judge their cars’ conditions correctly. In fact, the Rubber Manufacturers Association said in its report that two-thirds of all motorists in the U.S. have no idea on how to determine if their tires are already bald. The same report also revealed that only nine percent of all drivers on American roads have their four tires properly inflated.