More Driving Distractions Revealed in Survey, Could Boost Auto Insurance Cost


A recently published survey reveals many other distractions a driver faces on the road which causes alarm among highway safety group. They say these distractions could cost many lives, prompting them to issue a call to drivers to be more focused on their driving. However, finance analysts say these distractions could have other implications in the insurance industry. It could push auto insurance costs up, which have already been rising in several states. They add that car owners and motorists are bound to experience further increase in premiums as 2010 enters.

More Driving Distractions Revealed in Survey, Could Boost Auto Insurance CostA survey by a private insurance group contradicted the common assumption that text messaging while on the wheels is among major causes of road accidents. It was found out that road rage is one of the primary concerns among drivers, especially among male roadsters. 18.3 percent of survey respondents say they feel that violent and aggressive behavior exhibited while driving places them at high driving risks while driving. On the other hand, female motorists say children are their primary distraction. 26.3 percent of women polled say  they are distracted by children while maneuvering along roads and highways.

Car accident experts explained that people could get so absorbed with what they are doing that they can no longer concentrate even if they are not holding their cellular phones. They add that chatting with friends is also one of the top causes for vehicular accidents, especially among younger motorists. Experts comment that people who sideline as DJ’s while on driving are also likely to engage in road accident. Leaning over to change CDs or looking down at one’s iPod to look for tunes takes a couple of seconds which is enough time for accident to happen. They continue that other multi-tasking practices, such as brushing one’s hair or putting make up while driving, could take away a driver’s focus.

Aside from implications these distractions have on road safety, consumer advocates worry that more sources of distractions would only lead to higher driving risks. This consequently would push insurance rates up, since insurers calculate costs according to risk levels or the likelihood of clients at filing claims. At present, auto insurance premiums have been rising on several US states such as Texas, California, and Florida.

The Department of Transportation recently held an education campaign aimed at helping motorists realize the dangers that driving distractions bring to them. The summit lasted for two days and as result of the new awareness campaign, federal government employees are already banned from using their phones while running government vehicles.