Military Servicemen Told to Check Car Insurance


Insurance officials and insurance agents are reminding members of the armed services to review their auto insurance coverage before deploying overseas. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) called on military personnel to evaluate their current insurance coverage to ensure that their families are fully protected even when they are abroad.

Military Servicemen Told to Check Car InsuranceCommissioners of the different state insurance departments said that members of the armed services must check their current coverage because of their unique situation. Most personnel are deployed overseas for months at a time. Failing to secure proper insurance can lead to gaps in their family’s coverage. Analysts also point out that enlisted personnel can also choose to suspend or cancel some of their coverage options to save money on insurance.

The NAIC is working closely with insurance officials from all over the U.S. in an effort to help service members avoid problems with their insurance policies. In fact, the NAIC recently updated its website to provide more answers for personnel who may have questions regarding their policies.

Experts say that service members who may be gone for extended periods of time can opt to suspend some of their car insurance coverage to save money on their premiums. Enlisted personnel can even choose to cancel some of the options that come with their policies, especially if no one will be driving their cars while they are deployed.

All of the state governments have department of motor vehicles websites that feature special sections for members of the armed services. Insurance department workers would also entertain any queries or concerns military personnel have regarding auto insurance.

Analysts say that military personnel should first contact their providers or their representatives before even deciding on cancelling a live policy. Most insurers provide special rates and options for service members to help them manage their policies more closely. The most common coverage options that can be suspended are the medical payments, collision, liability, uninsured, and personal injury protection coverage. Because they will be absent for long periods of time, enlisted personnel should drop these particular options rather than keep paying for them, experts add.

Service members currently undergoing training must also check their existing policies, insurance officials explain. While training, military personnel can actually save money by simply dropping some of their coverage options. However, members of the armed services with families left in the U.S., dropping essential coverage can cause more problems. Fortunately, most insurers give out special discounts to military personnel.