Keeping Costs Low for Young Adults’ Auto Insurance


27Despite the high insurance costs parents of young adults are advised to take the auto insurance as it is a must because the statistics are quite startling.  Youngsters in their teens, especially 16-year-olds seem to be the first in the list of fatalities.  Motor accidents are the first major cause of death in youngsters.  For young adults who are 16 years of age it is a three-fold increase in fatal accidents and hence the high insurance costs.  But despite the high costs, parents are advised to get the insurance cover and there are tips for parents with regard to some cost cutting and saving money.  Tips can be obtained from related websites.

There are a few ways one can decrease insurance costs such as enrolling teens in driver’s courses that are certified.  This would not only aid them in getting a good foundation with regard to good driving habits, but would also help in getting discounts from auto insurance companies.  This way cost cutting as well as driver’s safety, both remain uncompromised.  Certified driver’s courses are offered to teens in some states if they are to obtain their licenses by the age of 16.  Otherwise, they will have to wait until they are 18 years of age to obtain a driver’s license.  By taking these steps one can ensure a discount of up to 15% in the insurance rates.  This is available in some states only and it is mostly done on a voluntary basis.

Maintaining good driving habits and a clean record goes a long way in being able to get a reduction in premiums by 10% to 20% in case the candidate gets a good grade point average of 3.0 or more.  By maintaining a good record such as no traffic violations or speeding tickets, occurrence of accidents, youngsters can avail of much lesser premiums on a regular basis as well as deductibles (the amount that one has to pay from one’s pocket) but before a claim is made.

Laws can vary between various states.  While in some states certified driver’s courses are mandatory, driving under adult supervision as well as driving at night.  Parents are also required to keep a watchful eye on their wards.  Drunken driving should be strongly discouraged by parents and discipline should be instilled in young drivers.  All kinds of distractions should be avoided (listening to loud music, using the cell phone etc).  Incidentally, driving with one’s pet in the vehicle causes much more distraction than using a cell phone.  Keeping teens off roads during nighttimes, as well as weekends, or festive seasons is a good idea to avoid accidents.