IIHS: Older people drive safer, less likely to file auto insurance claims


101677734Reports from the Insurance Istitute for Highway Safety revealed that drivers aged 70 and above tend to drive safer. Only a few number of elderlies are involved in fatal crashes and thus only a few of them files auto insurance claims. Senior drivers seem to drive safely since most of them pay cheap auto insurances.

When your granny takes the driver seat, don’t be scared, instead feel safe and secured as research show older people drive safer.

In a report by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), it is revealed that only a small number of elderly driver files car insurance claims. In the United States, 78 percent of the 28 million population of citizens aged 70 and above had drivers’ licenses since 2008. There is a remarkable 37 percent decrease in the rate of deadly accidents among the seniors in such age range. Only half of the population of elders aged 80 and up were involved in fatal crashes.

On the other hand, middle-age drivers whose age range from 35 to 54 registered a 23 percent decrease in fatal auto crashes from 1997 to 2008. Reporter Anne McCartt assessed that if older motorists registered the same rate of accidents, an additional 10,000 elderlies would have been involved in disastrous auto accidents.

It could be the federal policies in respective states that require the more frequent renewal of license among seniors drivers that have contributed to the safe driving practices. McCartt, however, said that the elderlies themsleves are actually being responsible when it comes to their driving.

Still, a driver’s safety lies on his or her hands.  The best defense still against road accidents is to practice careful and alert driving. Older drivers get relatively cheap car insurances. Of course, low-cost insurances cover only a small benefits in the event one needed to file for auto insurance claims. That perhaps is the reason why senior drivers go safely on the roads.